Align Global Consulting is a Raleigh, North Carolina-based globalization firm that helps clients expand globally or improve existing operations by providing creative legal and tax solutions to address commercial, trade, investment and regulatory matters. We assist companies in all stages of growth, from emerging growth companies to the Fortune 100.

Not Just Answers... Implementation

"How do I expand my business across borders?" We help clients find answers to this question and others related to doing business across borders, but we also continue the relationship into the implementation phase. This separates us from our competitors. We allow your team to focus on the areas of your business that require your time and energy, while we help construct and implement a plan that will mobilize your company with efficiency and effectiveness. Learn more about Align's services.

With "big firm" credentials and experience, Align handles matters traditionally entrusted to larger firms, while maintaining a commitment to the lost art of one-on-one client service.

Our Commitment

Align predicates its client service philosophy on the very simple adage that the client comes first. This philosophy is central not only to how we do business on a daily basis, but to how our organization is structured. We can confidently say that Align is an organization unlike any other in the marketplace.

All Align team members have partner-level expertise in big 4 accounting or large global law firms. This means we carry with us the invaluable technical competence gained in a large firm environment, but we now focus our energy on exceeding the expectations of our clients as opposed to meeting the performance metrics that may be required by a large organization.

A true client relationship is a long-term partnership. We will work with you not only to understand your global business goals, but also to understand each facet of your business. We believe the only way to truly provide outstanding service is to possess an operational and functional understanding of your business.

The partner assigned to you and your team will become your business partner, and is not only responsible for ensuring the highest level of client service, but is also your direct contact for technical subject matter expertise.

The Seagull and the Oystercatcher

One day the seagull, who could not swim, watched the oystercatcher, with its webbed feet, and asked if it might borrow those feet so that it could try a bit of swimming, if just for a day. The oystercatcher, through an abundance of pity, agreed. The feet were exchanged, and off the seagull swam with the webbed feet of the oystercatcher, never coming back at all. The oystercatcher could only watch from the shore, running just out of reach of the waves whenever they chanced to near, awaiting the return of its extremities. The moral of the story, in Irish, is: Iasacht na roilligh don fhaoileán iasacht nach n-iocfar go brách. Or: That was a really bad deal.

Align assists you with your global commercial transactions while ensuring that you do not make a bad deal. Doing work internationally is fraught with opportunity, but not without risk of the unknown. In doing business overseas you face new territory, culture, laws, regulations and tax regimes. None of these issues is unfamiliar to the team at Align. Our job is to navigate you through the risks of unfamiliarity and provide a soft landing in your new overseas marketplace.

Global Partnerships

Align maintains the global reach and ability to serve clients wherever the growth of their business takes them. Through our colleagues, resources and our trusted relationships with some of the world’s elite professional service providers, we can easily retain legal and accounting representation in major commercial centers around the world.

Align has extended its global reach and its ability to serve clients by being named a CPAmerica, Inc. preferred consultant. CPAmerica is an exclusive association of more than 75 large, independent CPA firms. CPAmerica’s strategic alliance with Crowe Global includes more than 800 offices worldwide, and combined firm revenues of $4.3 billion. CPAmerica membership includes more than 4,000 professionals, and more than 700 partners throughout the United States. Preferred consultant applicants must undergo a rigorous quality review. Only those with the highest standards, products and services are approved.


Experience, knowledge and dedication are terms that are commonly used in the business world. While these characteristics are critical to the success of any organization, leadership is an integral ingredient that must not be overlooked.Our leadership team is comprised of lawyers, accountants and economists with extensive experience in “Big 4” accounting firms or large, global law firms. While our professionals bring this prestigious pedigree, each has chosen to serve clients within a smaller, entrepreneurial framework. We believe that clients are better served in this model, as we can provide tailored and “right-sized” solutions to clients in a flexible manner. Simply put, the leadership of Align Global Consulting has the knowledge and insight to help businesses achieve global expansion plans while maintaining a commitment to the lost art of one-on-one client service.

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