Flip flops are part of the dress code.

We do not just talk the talk, we walk the walk… in flip flops. We do not spend the majority of our time at our desks wearing bowties with our heads buried in textbooks. Rather we slip on our flip flops and see the world. Why? Because (a) flip flops are comfortable; and (b) exposure to the cultures and countries in which our clients do business gives us the acute knowledge necessary to analyze and dissect information in a way that you will not find among traditional service providers.

Not just global, but worldly.

What’s the difference? While “global” is part of our name, we admit it is a somewhat overused term that carries with it a connotation of interconnectivity of different cultures and regions. We consider our business global, but our professionals worldly. We have knowledge and experience that can only be gained by actively and personally growing business and interconnectivity across borders.

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