Now more than ever, businesses are expanding beyond their home countries into global markets. These global opportunities create a number of challenges both in the new market and domestically. The knowledgeable professionals at Align help provide guidance to businesses that are looking to overcome these challenges and reap the benefits of global expansion.

Turn-Key Plan

Whether you know the jurisdictions into which you want to expand or you still need guidance, our team can provide you with a turn-key plan that will identify the most viable jurisdictions and related considerations. This plan will allow you and your team to fully evaluate:

  • Benefits and risks of expansion on a variety of levels
    • Locations (country, state, province & metropolitan area)
    • Labor & Employment
    • Tax
    • Intellectual Property & Information Technology
  • International entity formation
  • Structuring alternatives
  • Foreign investment identification
  • Retaining high-quality professional services
    • Accounting Firm
    • Law Firm

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